Consider It Flowers Enters the Metaverse with HPPRS, a Gang Of Rabbits! 🐰🥕💨

With the ambition to bring the loud into the metaverse, we at Consider It Flowers (CIF) teamed up with HPPRS to create a 4/20 NFT tribute project.

Up until now, we’ve been simultaneously building a community of Flowerheads and participating in the metaverse as holders of HPPRS among a gang of mischievous rabbits. HPPRS creator, SHAKKABLOOD, is a long-time friend of ours who has designed artwork for Consider It Flowers and many other projects we’ve been involved with over the years.

We see an opportunity for our favorite communities to merge and interact. Our aim is to introduce Flowerheads to the HPPRS community in the metaverse with our 4/20 Tribute Hopper and reward the HPPRS community with NFTs that blend the virtual realm with the physical realm.

Introducing the HPPR Carrot PreRoll by CIF

About the HPPR Carrot PreRoll NFT by CIF.

Every holder of an OG ETH HOPPER is getting airdropped a HPPR Carrot PreRoll. The remainder of the limited 420 supply will be available to purchase on OpenSea.

Owning the HPPR Carrot PreRoll NFT will unlock a private channel on the HPPR Discord, where owners can claim a unique code that can be used to redeem a physical version of the HPPR ‘Carrot” PreRoll at

The Physical HPPR Carrot PreRoll by CIF will give you a buzz!

We know that HPPRS love to participate in mischievous activities, so we rolled up the extra loud flower for these “Carrots”. The HPPR “Carrot” PreRoll is federally legal and packed full of the stuff of psychotropic bliss.

Starting with a goji berry blunt wrap that’s orange like a carrot and sweet like a fruit roll-up, we packed it full of federally legal premium hemp flower that’s high in THC-A.

THC-A rich hemp flower elicits an intoxicating buzz similar to that of classic cannabis. Raw THC-A is not intoxicating; however, when it’s heated up (aka smoked) it’s converted into head-changing Delta-9 THC.

The THC-A rich strain used in the “Carrot” is called Jelly Rancher. Like its namesake, Jelly Rancher has a sweet candy-esk aroma and when it’s smoked it leaves a sugary aftertaste on the palate.

The Jelly Rancher buzz is intensely creative and seems to energize the mind while also stabilizing anxiety. Puffing on Jelly Rancher will keep you in your flow state for hours.

Wen Airdrop? Wen Physical?

Our goal is to have this infamous gang of rabbits smoking carrots on the biggest day of the year for cannabis culture, 4/20 (April 20th)!

The surprise Airdrop is starting today, Tuesday April 12th. The remaining limited supply is available now to purchase on OpenSea.

Starting on Thursday, April 14th, all HPPR Carrot PreRoll NFT Holders should make sure to join the private HPPR Discord channel, claim their unique code and get the Physical HPPR Carrot PreRoll mailed to them in time to celebrate 4/20 in mischievous HPPR fashion.

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How To Buy our NFT on OpenSea:

Step 1: Download Metamask to your Chrome Browser.

First, you’ll need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. Once you have a cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll be able to browse and buy NFTs on OpenSea, which is a Web3 marketplace.

A cryptocurrency wallet will simply provide you access to your digital assets. It’s where you will store and transfer both your cryptocurrency (which you can use to buy the NFTs) and your NFTs themselves.

Metamask is a top NFT wallet. Download Metamask to your Chrome Browser.

Step 2. Create a wallet and write down your seed phrase

Once you download Metamask, you’ll want to set up your account. Think of this as your personal digital checking account.

Enter your personal information needed to set up the account.

Write down the private key presented as a 12-word phrase and store it safely! If you lose the 12-word phrase, you’ll lose access to your wallet. Don’t lose the 12-word phrase!

*Optional: You can buy some cryptocurrency, such as ETH, to transfer into your Metamask wallet. To purchase our NFT, you can use ETH or you can use your normal credit / debit card with USD.

Step 3: Use your new wallet to log into OpenSea

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT marketplace. Launch your Chrome browser and navigate to the OpenSea homepage:

Click on the wallet symbol at the upper-right corner of your screen. The platform should now prompt you to link your wallet using your 12-word phrase.

After connecting your existing Metamask wallet, your account will be ready to go.

Step 4: Click “Buy Now” on the NFT you’d like to purchase.

Navigate to our NFT on OpenSea and click the “Buy Now” button.

Agree to the terms and choose “Checkout”.

Step 5: Follow the purchase confirmation prompt that pops up through your Metamask Extension.

Once you click “Checkout”, the Metamask extension will drop down and show you the purchase price and the gas fee.

About Gas Fees: The gas fee is like a processing fee that you pay for each transaction. It takes computing power to securely record your digital art and your ownership of that art on the blockchain. The gas fee is essentially paying for the computing power used on the network. The amount that the gas fee fluctuates depends on the amount of traffic on the network.

Follow the prompts.

Step 6: Accept the final payment amount.

The prompts should bring you to your wallet and lay out the final cost, including any applicable fees on the blockchain. Click “Confirm,” and you should be good to go.

Now you own an NFT!
Now it’s time to admire your HPPR Carrot PreRoll NFT in your wallet.
Go back to your profile and on the left section of the screen choose “In Wallet”. Your NFT should show up!