GUIDE: How To Legally Buy Weed Online – And Get It Delivered To Your Door Anywhere!

How do you buy weed online? Well, hold on to your rolling papers, because we’ve got an even better plan! Skip the hassle, risks, and headaches of buying weed online, and instead, order federally legal, psychoactive hemp in just a few clicks.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been down the rabbit hole of sketchy websites, tangled e-transfers, and the constant worry of our precious packages getting seized in the mail. But fear not, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts, because we’ve got a top-shelf alternative that’s as easy to order as a new pair of kicks—minus the uncertainty of getting the wrong size!

Enter the new world of psychoactive hemp, where we keep the experience on point and federally compliant. From flower to edibles to concentrates, this market disrupting option has everything you want, while keeping the purchasing process simple and within the bounds of the federal law.

Welcome to Consider It Flowers

Welcome you to Consider It Flowers, the e-marketplace that’s about to become your go-to for legally indulging in all things cannabis. We’re the connect for both canna-curious and canna-connoisseurs.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a higher standard, where speed, reliability, convenience and dank products are guaranteed. Flower heads of the USA, prepare to be amazed as you unlock the world of legally buying cannabis online.

What is Psychoactive Hemp and How is it Federally Legal?

Cannabis laws are undergoing a radical transformation. Adults aged 21 and up can now partake in cannabis products that comply with the Hemp Farm Bill, which fully legalizes cannabis with less than .3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. While that might not sound like a lot of THC, it opens up a whole new universe of mind-bending products, like THCA flower and Delta-9 edibles.

THCA Flower:

THCA flower is a premium-grown cannabis variety that rivals the looks, smell, and effects of flower found in states where medical marijuana is legal. Carefully cultivated and harvested at its peak, THCA flower contains a minimal amount of Delta-9 THC, the type of THC that’s regulated, while boasting off-the-charts levels of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid).

Now, in its raw form, THCA won’t leave you feeling intoxicated. Luckily, we’re not here to munch on raw cannabis; we’re here to light it up. When you apply some heat and ignite that THCA flower, it decarbs and transforms into psychoactive Delta-9 THC. In short, when you smoke THCA flower, you experience all the magical effects of THC just like medical and recreational marijuana.

Here at Consider It Flowers, we offer strains with THCA levels surpassing 30 and 40%—the stuff of pure psychotropic bliss. We’re talking about top-shelf, mind-bending strains that can be shipped to most states.

Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Edibles:

The THC limits set forth by the Hemp Farm Bill create incredible possibilities to pack a lot of THC into federally compliant edibles. Let’s break it down for all the mathletes out there.

For every gram of hemp on a dry weight basis (that’s a hefty 1000mg), we can legally have up to 3 milligrams of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. Hold on tight because here’s where it gets fun – a single gummy easily weighs 5 grams (yep, a colossal 5000mg). According to our impressive math skills, that mighty gummy can be infused with up to 15mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC (that’s 0.3% multiplied by 5000mg).

Yep, it’s mind-blowing how the numbers add up to create a mind-bending cannabis experience! The best part is that these gummies can be legally shipped almost everywhere in the US!

Online Payments Made Easy

Now let’s talk about the simplicity of purchasing psychoactive hemp products online. Believe it or not, it’s even easier than buying weed online.

Here’s the deal: even if you’re lucky enough to live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, banks and credit card processors can still be a buzzkill. They don’t consider weed as an acceptable product, making online purchases a bit of a headache. You’re stuck with setting up eTransfers, and trust me, the process can vary with each dispensary.

When you opt for federally legal psychoactive hemp, online purchases are simple. You can whip out that trusty credit card of yours and make your purchase with ease. That’s because hemp companies like Consider It Flowers have the green light to work with banks and credit card processors.

Stress Free Shipping

When you order psychoactive hemp through the mail, trouble-free delivery comes at a higher standard!

Now when you order weed, instead of hemp, in the mail, there’s some level of risk involved. Even if your package is vac-sealed, it could be subject to a routine check by a mail carrier. There’s always a chance that law enforcement might seize your package if they suspect it contains marijuana. And trust me, that’s trouble you definitely want to avoid. Getting busted could land you in jail and hit you with some steep fines. Yikes!

When you buy psychoactive hemp, you’ve got the federal law on your side. At Consider It Flowers, every order ships with a handy Notice To Law Enforcement. This nifty document explains the legality of the products and includes a scannable link to lab results. So, you can rest assured that your products have proof of legality.

Now here’s the keef on top — Consider It Flowers is a verified business with the USPS, and we even have a sweet relationship with a federal postmaster. So, if by any chance your package does get seized by local mail carriers, we can work our magic to have those packages released and back on track to your doorstep.

More Info About Shipping From Consider It Flowers

When you place a shipping order with Consider It Flowers, you can look forward to delivery at a higher standard.

As long as you complete your digital age verification to show you’re an adult age 21 or above, we’ll have your order packed and shipped with USPS priority mail within just 24 hours of you hitting that “place order” button.

No need to stress about those nosy neighbors of yours either. We take extra precautions to keep things on the down-low. All of our flower is vac-sealed to keep delightfully strong odors concealed. Plus, we ship in discreet packaging that won’t give away your secret stash. So go ahead and order with confidence, knowing that your privacy is our top priority.

Cannabis Delivery at a – Higher Standard

The world of cannabis has opened its digital doors for you to explore! Instead of buying traditional weed, you can now purchase high-quality, psychoactive hemp that’s highly potent and federally legal.

If you want to discover a whole new world of psychoactive hemp without leaving home, shop with us online at Consider It Flowers and get it delivered to your door.

We’re setting a higher standard for cannabis delivery. So light up and let the good times roll with a cannabis enriched lifestyle brought to you by your friends here at Consider It Flowers.