How To Dab Using Lookah’s Unicorn Mini

The Unicorn Mini is a compact and portable electronic rig for easy dabbing.

It has a glass bubbler that magnetically attaches to a battery unit.  To load the device, you simply lift the glass bubbler off and fill up the 710 atomizer with your concentrate of choice.  The battery base even has a hidden dab tool that you can use to load the atomizer.

A single button allows you to turn the device on and off (with five clicks), adjust the temperature (with two clicks), and vape (press and hold the button).

If you’re new to dabbing concentrates, use this step-by-step guide to get started with the Unicorn Mini.

How To Use The Unicorn Mini:


Step 1: Charge ~ Charge the Unicorn Mini using the USB-C cable.

Step 2: Pull apart ~ The glass bubbler magnetically attaches to the battery unit below it. Lift the glass bubbler off of the battery.

Step 3: Add water to bubbler ~ Remove the black top and put a little water in the bubbler. Fill it up to just above the percolation holes.  Slide the black top back on.

Step 4: Find hidden dab tool ~ The battery has a small dab tool tucked into its base.  Slide the dab tool out of the base.

Step 5: Add your concentrate ~ Use the dab tool to scoop a pea size amount of your concentrate and place it into the atomizer bowl, which is at the top of the battery base.

Step 6: Attach ~ Set the bubbler back on top of the battery.  The magnetic attachment will firmly hold the bubbler and battery together.


Step 1: Five clicks to turn on ~ Turn on the Unicorn Mini by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession.  The LED light behind the button will cycle through colors as the Unicorn Mini preheats.  When the light goes off, the preheat is complete.

Step 2: Two clicks to change temperature ~ Select the best temperature for your concentrate.  To cycle through the different temperature settings, you can press the power button 2 times in quick succession.

Green = Low (3.5 V)
Blue = Med (3.7 V)
White = High (3.9V)

Not sure what temperature to use?  As a rule of thumb, use a low temp when dabbing flavorful concentrates like rosin and crumble and a high temp when dabbing diamonds and sauce.

Step 3: Take a hit ~ Place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale steadily while you press and hold the button down for up to 10 seconds at a time.


Step 1: Five clicks to turn off ~ Once you’ve finished your vaping session, turn off the Unicorn Mini by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession. If you forget, it will turn off automatically after some time.

Step 2: Pour out the water ~ Remove the black top and pour the water out of the bubbler.

Step 3: Clean the atomizer ~ To prevent residue build-up, regularly clean out the atomizer that holds the concentrate.  Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe out the atomizer bowl.