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Consider It Flowers Introduces New Artisan Gummies: Real Strain FX™ in Cocktail Flavors.

Consider It Flowers is a well-established name in the world of cannabis-infused products. In the latest development, the company is proud to introduce its latest innovation: Artisan Gummies.

United States – October 20, 2023 —

These small-batch edibles are a true culinary masterpiece, infused with Delta-9 THC and Real Strain FX™, offering a unique and elevated experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Artisan Gummies are a testament to the fusion of artistry and science. They are meticulously crafted with cocktail-inspired flavors, ensuring a delightful taste and texture that appeals to even the most discerning palate. Each batch of Artisan Gummies is a result of pairing THC and terpenes extracted from premium flower strains with the flavor profile of classic cocktails, delivering an experience that replicates the effects of smoking a specific cannabis strain.

Real Strain FX™, a proprietary term coined by Consider It Flowers (CIF), represents a breakthrough in the world of cannabis-infused products. These innovative products are designed to accurately replicate the effects of smoking specific cannabis flower strains. While traditional edibles often provide general effects such as relaxation or energy, Real Strain FX™ stands out by offering a tailored experience, just like smoking the actual flower strain.

Understanding the nuances of different cannabis strains enhances the overall cannabis experience, empowering consumers to make confident choices based on their mood and occasion. With a variety of strains available, consumers can now explore a wide range of effects, from mental clarity and energy to relaxation and relief. The possibilities and combinations are as diverse as the cannabis strains themselves.

Artisan Gummies with Real Strain FX™ represent the intersection of science and artistry. Crafted in limited quantities, these products incorporate terpenes extracted from specific flower strains, enhancing the effects of THC and creating a genuine entourage effect.

Consider It Flowers is proud to launch its debut collection of Artisan Gummies, featuring three distinctive varieties, each inspired by classic cocktails and crafted with care:

Variety 1: OG Cherry Old Fashioned Artisan Gummies Strain: White Tahoe OG

OG Cherry Old Fashioned Artisan Gummies are a testament to culinary excellence. They blend the flavors of slightly tart cherries and sweet syrup with nutty, earthy terpenes derived from the White Tahoe OG strain. These delectable gummies pay homage to the classic whiskey cocktail, offering a cannabis-infused twist.

White Tahoe OG, the source of the terpenes in this variety, is an earthy indica strain known for its sedating effects. It envelops the body in warmth, making it perfect for relaxing evenings and stay-at-home days. White Tahoe OG allows the mind to drift into euphoric daydreams, leaving behind the worries of the moment.

Variety 2: Hazey Tequila Sunrise Artisan Gummies | Sativa Strain: White Lime Haze

Hazey Tequila Sunrise Artisan Gummies are a culinary masterpiece that combines the flavors of fresh tangerine and sweet pomegranate with the piney citrus and subtly earthy terpenes of the White Lime Haze strain. These gummies capture the essence of the tequila sunrise cocktail, with an exciting cannabis twist.

White Lime Haze, the source of the terpenes in this variety, is a citrus-forward sativa strain known for its sparkling euphoric effects. It elevates the mood and enhances mental clarity, filling the mind with joy and gratitude. This strain invites social interactions and offers a clear-headed experience, often accompanied by uncontrollable giggles.

As with all Artisan Gummies, Hazey Tequila Sunrise is crafted using all-natural ingredients and is suitable for anyone who is vegan or on a gluten-free diet.

Variety 3: Pink Runtz Daiquiri Artisan Gummies | Hybrid Strain: Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz Daiquiri Artisan Gummies bring together the flavors of sweet strawberries and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, infused with tangy, candy-like terpenes from the Pink Runtz strain. These gummies perfectly capture the essence of a rum cocktail with a cannabis twist.

Pink Runtz, the source of the terpenes in this variety, is a sweet and fruity hybrid strain with delightful, giggly effects. It enhances the perception of the world, making everything seem more euphoric. The body effect is weightless and floaty, leaving you ready for adventure or a nap. This strain induces a gentle, relaxed euphoria, often accompanied by a back-of-the-head buzz that doesn’t impair thinking or function.

As with all Artisan Gummies, Pink Runtz Daiquiri is crafted using all-natural ingredients, suitable for vegans and those following a gluten-free diet.

Furthermore, these Artisan Gummies are an exciting addition to the Consider It Flowers product lineup. They exemplify the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional cannabis-infused products that provide unique and tailored experiences for consumers.

The company looks forward to introducing its newly developed Artisan Gummies with Real Strain FX™ in cocktail-inspired flavors. These products represent a true culinary journey, fusing the art of mixology with the science of cannabis to deliver an innovative experience. Consumers can look forward to a range of exciting experiences with each variety of Artisan Gummies. From relaxation and creativity to euphoria and mental clarity, these gummies offer an opportunity to explore the vast world of strain specific cannabis effects in an edible format.

About the Company – Consider It Flowers: 

Consider It Flowers is a groundbreaking brand in the cannabis industry, dedicated to providing consumers with federally legal, innovative, and authentic cannabis experiences.

Dedicated to delivering a new era of cannabis enjoyment, Consider It Flowers exclusively offers products derived from hemp, making them fully compliant with federal regulations. This means that consumers can confidently explore the exciting world of cannabis without any legal concerns.

As the connect for the canna-curious and the canna-connoisseur, Consider It Flowers operates through an online marketplace with lightning-fast shipping, ensuring that enthusiasts have quick and convenient access to their favorite products.

Consider It Flowers has garnered significant recognition for its relentless pursuit of pioneering federally legal, cutting-edge cannabis products. The introduction of products made with Real Strain FX™, like CannaBitters and the new Artisan Gummies, positions Consider It Flowers at the forefront of the federally legal cannabis industry, setting a new standard for quality and innovation.

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Disclaimer: Artisan Gummies by Consider It Flowers are a federally legal hemp product that can be shipped nationwide. They’re made with hemp-derived THC and comply with the Hemp Farm Bill.

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