Who is Cultivate TN?

Who is Cultivate TN?

Cultivate Tennessee is a broad coalition of professionals and influencers working together to promote and advocate for a healthy, ethical, and prosperous cannabis industry.

Why Support Cultivate TN?

Cultivate Tennessee is laying a foundation for the future of all cannabis in Tennessee that will be built with the business and the end consumer in mind.

What is the focus of Cultivate TN?

Cultivate’s focus is on formulating recommendations and policies that aim to stabilize and advance the industry in a well-balanced manner, ensuring continued success while establishing politically sustainable legislation for decades to come.

Core Tenants:

  • To develop a safe and ethical industry that helps protect the public from harm.
  • To design a scalable and effective legal market that provides sustainable, safe access to cannabis.
  • To build an industry that is owned and nurtured by Tennesseans now and for future generations.