GUIDE: Cannabis Consumption — how long will my high last?

Welcome to the exciting world of recreational hemp products! If you’re a novice Flowerhead, here are some essential guidelines to navigate your journey:

1) Know Your Serving Size:
Read the labels. Take the time to understand the potency of what you’re consuming. For products such as THC gummies or pot brownies, consider cutting them into smaller pieces, and for drinks, pour smaller portions. Remember, you can always go back for seconds, but once consumed, you can’t un-consume it.

2) Start with a Low Dose:
Begin your cannabis experience with caution. Start by consuming only 5mg of THC if you’re consuming THC gummies or pot brownies. Keep in mind that everyone’s body has a unique baseline tolerance, and it’s better to start low and gradually increase if needed.

3) Consume Slowly:
THC affects everyone differently, and processing rates vary. The time it takes to feel the peak effect can differ based on the consumption method. Whether you’re smoking our THCA Hemp Flower, vaping our THCA Diamonds, or ingesting THC gummies, understand that individual tolerance also plays a role. Before considering more, wait to assess your tolerance and the full impact of your initial consumption.

4) Know What You’re Consuming
Smoking all kinds of cannabis can be very exciting, but it’s important to remember that you may have a more intense experience with certain kinds of THC Products. For example, THCA Diamonds may have a more intense and long-lasting experience than regular THCA Hemp Flower.

If you’re canna-curious and new to consuming THC, these guidelines can help ensure a positive and controlled introduction. Enjoy responsibly and savor the unique aspects of your high, understanding that each person’s journey is as distinctive as their fingerprint.

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