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What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a concentrate that’s extracted from fresh-frozen premium cannabis flower and that preserves the most desirable compounds like the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

A more full-spectrum extract creates an entourage effect, which means that each compound has a stronger effect when it’s in the presence of other compounds.  Full-spectrum extracts that stay as close to the plant’s natural composition as possible have a superior taste, aroma, and well-rounded effects.

How our Strain-Specific Live Resin is made:
Our Live Resin is extracted from premium hemp flower that’s hand-harvested and fresh-frozen. Our manufacturers work closely with farmers to cultivate effect-driven strains.  When the plant reaches full maturity, the farmers hand-pick the flower and remove all of the leaves, which ensures a superior taste and aroma.  The freshly harvested flower is immediately frozen, which locks in and preserves all of the delicate compounds within the flower.

The Live Resin is then extracted from the frozen flower using BHO and the residual solvents are purged.  We’re left with a slightly refined, premium concentrate that’s sought after for its entourage of compounds.

How most distillate is made:
Most distillate on the market is made from hemp biomass, meaning it uses the entire plant for extraction and not just the flower.  This causes a loss of phytochemistry, taste, and aroma.

Most flower isn’t frozen after the harvest.  When the flower dries before extraction, it causes a natural evaporation and conversion of sought after cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our Strain-Specific Live Resin is cultivated for specific effects: 
Live Resin that isn’t labeled “strain-specific” is an indication that it’s been extracted from multiple strains and blended together after extraction. This is usually done when manufacturers extract from strains that are grown for endurance rather than for effects, flavor, and aroma.

We’re proud to offer strain-specific Live Resin extracts.  Our manufacturers work closely with farmers to cultivate premium hemp strains that boast impressive cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Each strain is selected for its ability to target specific desired effects.

We blend hemp Live Resin with Delta-8 THC:
With “classic cannabis” in a fully recreational state, you can make Live Resin that preserves all of the plant’s compounds, which includes the psychoactive compound Delta-9 THC.  We are in Tennessee so we use premium hemp flower that has a high amount of CBD and a low and federally legal amount of Delta-9 THC for the Live Resin.

To create a psychoactive concentrate that’s federally legal, we blend strain-specific hemp Live Resin with hemp-derived Delta-8 THC.  The end result is a full-spectrum concentrate with effects that are both specific to the hemp strain and psychoactive.

Our live-resin + Delta-8 THC blends offer consumers a federally compliant full-spectrum psychoactive experience that’s comparable to “classic cannabis” Live Resin in a fully recreational state like California or Colorado.

Live Resin is Superior to Just Terpenes:
Most of the Delta-8 THC vapes and concentrates on the market are combined with just terpenes and dubbed an uplifting “sativa” or relaxing “indica” simply based on the terpene profile.  While terpenes can guide an effect, on their own their effects are pretty nominal.  Using strain-specific Live Resin that naturally includes terpenes creates a much more noticeable effect, due to the entourage of other cannabis compounds.

Our Live Resin Vapes are Awesome:
If you’re looking for a “classic cannabis” experience that’s federally legal, we’re highly confident you’ll love our vapes made with strain-specific Live Resin!

This is why we love LIVE RESIN!

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