What is No-Till Living Soil?

Our new line of organic THCA flower is cultivated using the incredible technique of no-till living soil. It allows the flower to be grown in soil that’s naturally chock-full of nutrients and teeming with microorganisms, all without any additives from a bottle. This method not only reduces our carbon footprint and embraces sustainable farming practices, it also brings a more potent and incredibly terpy experience.

The No-Till Growing Method

Alright my fellow green enthusiasts, let’s dig into the no-till living soil growing method that’s eco-friendly and bud-boosting.

Just like it sounds, there’s no tilling or turning of the soil before planting or after harvesting. This technique preserves the soil structure, moisture, and beneficial soil organisms. It’s great because the soil is packed with amazing microorganisms that act as natural feed for the beloved plants, eliminating the need for adding nutrients from a bottle.

By minimizing the soil disturbance, the no-till farming method also improves water retention in the soil. Cannabis is a thirsty flower. No-till soil results in super dense and luscious buds that are packed with nutrients.

Pro #1: No-Till Method Reduces Our Carbon Footprint

This no-till method reduces our carbon footprint. Conventional methods of tilling, digging and overturning topsoil releases carbon into the air, which contributes to greenhouse gasses. A no-till method avoids that environmental impact. Instead, the carbon remains trapped in the soil and serves as a valuable resource for the living soil ecosystem thriving beneath the surface.

Pro #2: Living Soil Grows Better Flower

Just as mother nature intended, healthier soil is the key to unleashing the full plant power. Flower that’s grown in no-till living soil far surpasses the potency and terpiness of any other flower fed with added nutrients (synthetic or organic) or grown in hydro store soil.

The buds are stronger and denser, packed with the good stuff that’s not only concentrated on the trichomes but infused throughout the entire buds. Living soil grows flower that’s bursting with terpenes, those aromatic compounds that awaken your senses. When you smoke these pungent beauties, you’ll notice an incredibly strong and well-rounded high that surpasses flower grown any other way.

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